The Conocophillips Science Experience Staffing

This is the main page for staff volunteers at The Conocophillips Science Experience (TCSE) for 2017. Here you’ll find position descriptions, signup forms and some news. Two TCSEs are run every year, the first is Griffith University Gold Coast TCSE (usually referred to as GUG, or GUG TCSE), and the second is Brisbane TCSE (usually referred to as TCSE). YSA provides volunteer staff for both of these events and runs a residential camp alongside GUG and TCSE to accommodate for the staff. GUG is a smaller event, held at the end of September, you’ll work in a close knit team of 12 other YSA members. Brisbane TCSE is quite a bit larger, usually taking in 30-50 staffies. Both of the events are highly regarded in the YSA community, and you can be sure to come away having made some great friends and had a lot of fun!

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Gold Coast TCSE (GUG) – 29th June 2019

Brisbane TCSE – 15th January 2020