Upcoming Events

YSA Brisbane run fun and engaging events throughout the year for our members to be involved in. Our events range from monthly socials to science volunteer events and even interstate activities. Our events are open to anyone between the ages of 14-25 and is happy to abide by our by-laws (no smoking, drinking, drug consumption during event. and no harassment of any form is tolerated).



November 3rd: Social Event, Ice Skating!
Start singing Let it Go as you skate around the ring with all of your YSA friends!
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December 14th-16th: Social/Science Event, Science Camp!
Spend a few days in the bush with your YSA comrades building new transferable skills and developing science communication. Also sit around a camp fire roasting marsh mellows and more!
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December 17th-26th: TCSE Staff Experience!
YSA’s biggest event of the year is finally here! Learn and develop key team work and leadership skills and guide high school students through Brisbane’s major universities. Also rock out with your YSA friends and have fun throughout our giant social program.
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