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    Do you want to get involved with our new science communication projects? Head to the opportunites page! Podcasts, mentoring, tutoring and science shows are all projects we're keen to have more people involved in.

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    Murder Mystery V: Cold war Crisis

    Our fifth annual Murder Mystery was a night of Cold War Intrigue in 1960s Berlin. With 30 different guests and characters, great food it was a night of mystery and entertainment.

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    We hold monthly social events. In February we just had 90 people at our Ice Skating Social. Stay tuned for details on our next social in March!

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    YSA Melbourne ball on the horizon?

    It's time for the second YSA Melbourne Ball! Stay tuned for more info

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    YSA Melbourne's volunteer leaders helped with programs at Monash Clayton, Melbourne University, Swinburne University and Monash Gippsland.

A Visionary Pathway: The journey from the eye to the brain


A Visionary Pathway: The journey from the eye to the brain
By Rebecca Hall
The brain is arguably the most complicated organ we have. It has so many processes and functions, most of which we are barely concious of, that we are still learning about them all. One of which is how we perceive the world. Now, you might think that what you see is a direct translation of what the world actually…

Murder Mystery VII – 1900 Paris Worlds Fair

Murder Mystery VII
1900 Paris Worlds Fair
5th December 5:30pm RSVP HERE
 Paris is hosting the Exposition Universale (the World’s Fair) where the entire world can show off their latest creations, inventions, artwork and culture. Exhibits have been crafted, superb pavilions constructed and countries are jostling for fame and glory. It is also the home of the first Olympic Games to be held…

The Real Dropbear


The Real Dropbear
Oakley Germech
The Australians of today delight in scaring enthusiastic tourists with tales of the “dropbear”, a fierce, bloodthirsty denizen of the treetops that just so happens to resemble a cute, cuddly koala. What most of us don’t know is that, until recently, Australia had a real dropbear of its own.

Meet Thylacoleo. Thylacoleo, or the “marsupial lion”,…

When Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow


When Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow
Helen zhou

Time travel has long since been lauded as the holy grail of both scientists and sci-fi enthusiasts alike. In Harry Potter, we have the Time Turners; in Back to the Future we have the DeLorean; and last but definitely not least, in Doctor Who we have the TARDIS, an acronym standing for ‘Time and Relative Dimensions in Space’. Time trav…

Spiderman, Spiderman, why can he do what spiders can?


Spiderman, Spiderman, why can he do what spiders can?
By Lauren Cracknell
The release of the Marvel reboot movie, Amazing Spiderman 2, has renewed the love of the famous arachnid-themed superhero for fans worldwide. The movie is filled with interesting messages about the dangers of scientific research. Spiderman himself is a science enthusiast and is shown using his science knowledge to …

The Cure to Autoimmune Diseases in our Sights


The Cure to Autoimmune Diseases in our Sights
By Rebecca Hall

Modern medicine has done so much for general health and what was once vicious diseases are now nothing more than trivial annoyances. Before, even the common flu was a horror for anyone to catch. However, there are so many diseases out there which are so complex that it has been very difficult to find cures and prevention…

When North is Not North


When North is Not North
Melina Jablonka
When a phenomenon known as geomagnetic reversal occurs!

Geomagnetic reversal is the ‘flipping’ of the Earth’s magnetic field. This causes the positions of magnetic North and South to become interchanged; North becomes South, and South becomes North! We’ve all heard the term ‘reversing the polarity’; it’s been in every high-tech sci-fi and…

Caffeine versus Drowsiness


Caffeine versus Drowsiness
By Rebecca Hall
Did you know that caffeine can actually make you sleepier?
That’s right, caffeine whilst energising you initially, actually affects the quality of the sleep you get later. The caffeine affects your sleep cycle so that it isn’t as deep as it could be meaning that you wake up groggier than if you hadn’t had the caffeine.

Effects on sleep:
It has…

Giants vs Aliens vs The Square Cube Law: Why Physics Hates Fun


Giants vs Aliens vs The Square Cube Law:
Why Physics Hates Fun
By Timothy Newport

Hong Kong, 2014.

An enormous alien, emerging from deep beneath the sea, is threatening the safety of all humanity. As it approaches the shore, water streaming off its gargantuan hide, it raise an enormous claw and swipes at a passing oil tanker, snapping it in half like a twig. Reaching down into t…

The Dinosaur-Bird Link: Reexamined Fossil Says Otherwise


The Dinosaur-Bird Link: Reexamined Fossil Says Otherwise
By Lucy Caine
Since the early 1990s, bird enthusiasts have had at their fingertips a very cool scientific theory; that their feathered friends are descended from dinosaurs. This theory originated with the discovery of several Early Cretaceous period fossils in China, several of which were observed to be birdlike. Three new species wer…

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