• Murder myster
    Murder Mystery V: Cold war Crisis

    Our fifth annual Murder Mystery was a night of Cold War Intrigue in 1960s Berlin. With 30 different guests and characters, great food it was a night of mystery and entertainment.

  • tse
    The Science Experience

    YSA Melbourne's volunteer leaders helped with programs at Monash Clayton, Melbourne University, Swinburne University and Monash Gippsland.

  • Socials
    Exciting social events!

    We hold monthly social events. In February we just had 90 people at our Ice Skating Social. Stay tuned for details on our next social in March!

  • sc i com
    Science Communication Opportunities

    Do you want to get involved with our new science communication projects? Head to the opportunites page! Podcasts, mentoring, tutoring and science shows are all projects we're keen to have more people involved in.

  • YSA Melbourne Ball
    YSA Melbourne ball on the horizon?

    It's time for the second YSA Melbourne Ball! Stay tuned for more info

The Dinosaur-Bird Link: Reexamined Fossil Says Otherwise


The Dinosaur-Bird Link: Reexamined Fossil Says Otherwise
By Lucy Caine
Since the early 1990s, bird enthusiasts have had at their fingertips a very cool scientific theory; that their feathered friends are descended from dinosaurs. This theory originated with the discovery of several Early Cretaceous period fossils in China, several of which were observed to be birdlike. Three new species wer…

The Dangers of Endangered Elements


The dangers of Endangered elements
By Luke Mariadas
We are facing tough times currently, but now things are really bad; the elements that we love so much are becoming endangered! That’s right, the substances that produce pretty much everything in our day to day life- such as, consumer products (medicine, computers, the transport of electricity and jewellery) are finite, who would hav…

It Might Be Crazy What I’m About To Say – Mythbusting “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

Pharrell - Happy

Happy by Pharrell Williams: it was the song that struck a chord with Australians nation-wide earlier this year, seemingly being played around the clock by all radio stations, all the time. It was definitely a smash hit, shooting straight to the top of the weekly ARIA charts, where it remained there for quite some time. Your friends were singing it, your parents were singing it, and television…

Waking Dreams: A Study of Lucid Dreaming


Waking Dreams: A Study of Lucid Dreaming
By Monique Mclennan

First you might ask, what is a lucid dream? Lucid dreaming is the strange sensation of being aware that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. People who have experienced lucid dreaming report that they were able to access past memories, have more control over the plot of the dream, and that they become dissociated from t…

I Come From a Land Down Under Under: The Story of a Kiwi’s Origins


I Come From a Land Down Under Under: The Story of a Kiwi’s Origins
By Justin Sorbello


As Australian’s we are very good at claiming credit for things that our cousins across the ditch in New Zealand do. Sam Neil, Russel Crowe and the Kiwi bird. Yes that’s right, for years Australia has laid claim to being the likely evolutionary source of the Kiwi.  But like famous mov…

Gamma-Ray Burst in Andromeda Galaxy

Gamma-Ray Burst in Andromeda Galaxy
By Timothy Newport
Imagine this… you’re walking along path, late at night. There’s a sudden gust of wind, and you trip, dropping your phone in the process. Picking it up, you find that the camera’s still good, but the internet is busted. Oh well, you say to yourself—and then suddenly a dragon lands in front of you.

That’s basically what…

An interview with Dr. Michio Kaku Part 2: The Secrets of the Mind and the Future of Technology

An interview with Dr. Michio Kaku Part 2: The Secrets of the Mind and the Future of Technology
By Amelia Wales
Recently Amelia Wales was given the opportunity to interview Dr. Michio Kaku for TechGeek. Dr. Kaku is a world renowned scientist as well as writing many books about all kinds of science. This is the second of of the interview so if you haven’t read the first half, click here for part…

An interview with Dr. Michio Kaku Part 1: The Science Agenda

An interview with Dr. Michio Kaku Part 1: The Science Agenda
By Amelia Wales
Recently our Science Liason, Amelia Wales got the opportunity to interview Dr. Michio Kaku, a renowned  American Theoretical Physicist turned science communicator for TechGeek. In this part of the interview, Dr. Kaku discusses his childhood science interest, what made him change to science communication, and t…

Shakespeare Science Part Two: Was Shakespeare Really Shakespeare?


Shakespeare Science Part 2: Was Shakespeare Really Shakespeare?
By Loughlin Turpin
This is part two of our Shakespeare Science articles. Click here for the first!

“False face must hide what the false heart doth know…”

- Macbeth, Act 1, Scene 7.
William Shakespeare is known as one of the most lastingly influential Western authors of all time, but there has been a lot of debate as…

Shakespeare Science Part One: The Playwright’s Neurological Edge


Shakespeare Science Part 1: The Playwright’s Neurological Edge
By Lauren Cracknell
What is it about Shakespeare’s plays that make them so mesmerising? What special technique did the playwright use that caused his plays to stand the test of time and ensnare our senses even today?

For a while it was hypothesised that it was his enormous vocabulary that gave him his edge against rivals suc…

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